Top 9 Useful Tips To Choose The Right General Contractor For Your Project!

6/20/2019 | Posted by Mark Shehadeh | 0 comments

Choosing the right contractor for your projectcan be a difficult process, but here are some tips that can help you to find thebest General Contractor in Boca Raton,Florida.

1. StudyAbout Your Project:

Educate yourself about the project and makea list of things that you would be required from a general contractor. The moreyou know about the details of your project, the more you will know the right questionsto ask, and the better you will be at making the right decision.

2. GetReferrals From Your Friends And Family:

Check with your friends and family ifsomeone has a great experience with any general contractor in your area. Areferral contractor will always work better for you.

3. InterviewMultiple Contractors:

This is important step in order to choosethe right contractor for your project. You can ask your questions to multiplegeneral contractors in your areas and collect written bids from eachcontractor. You can learn a lot about the contractor during this process, andwill gain more insight into your project.

4. CheckTheir Previous Completed Projects:

Certified and licensed general contractorswill never hesitate to share their references with you. They can easily sharedetails of current clients, subcontractors, major suppliers, and employees. Youcan also ask for a tour of a project that is currently under construction andof completed projects that may be similar to yours.

5. Performa Background Check:

Contractors and many subcontractors shouldbe licensed, although licensing requirements vary by state. Verify licenses forthe contractor and major subcontractors. For this, you can check the betterbusiness bureau(BBB), court records, and an internet search to uncover anypotential issues.

6. Choosea Contractor Who Best Fits To Your Specific Requirements:

A contractor may have multiple specialties,but make sure your type of project is one of their strong suits. Check whoroutinely does the type of work that you need performed.

7. Checkfor The Communication And Response Time:

Good communication skills and quickresponse are most important aspects for any project. Choose a contractor thatyou are comfortable with. Clarity is essential for success. Most problems arisewhen the contractor assumes that you understand an issue the same way that theydo. It is imperative to be on the same page as your builder.

8. ReviewAgreements Carefully:

It's important to check contract documentscarefully. Agreements should cover every aspect of the project. Confirm thatthey include: Plans and specifications with a clear scope of work, specificmaterials to be used, start and completion dates, change order procedures,insurance coverages, a payment schedule, and the mechanic lien release process.

9. VerifyInsurance Coverage:

It's one of the most important things toverify that contractor has general liability and workers' compensationinsurance coverage so that you will not be liable for any damage or injury thatoccurs while the contractor and his employees are working on your property

TheBottom Line:

The right contractor can make the differencebetween a successful project and a disaster. If you are planning to start aconstruction project at some point in the near future, above 9 steps can helpyou to choose the right contractor for your construction project.

For more information, contact Build Masters, LCtoday! We are licensed, insured, certified, and capable of being bonded. We area member of the Better Business Bureau, American Institute of Architects, IICRC Certified and LEED Green Associate.

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