What Can I Do to Maintain My Roof? Follow These 12 Useful Tips!

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We all know how important a roof over ourheads is. Your roof is the piece of your house that keeps everything safe andsecure. It is the one thing that should be the strongest and sturdiest and,contrary to most belief, looking after your roof to ensure it remains that wayis a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

A roof, like anything, needs maintenanceand taken care of. The cost of replacing a roof is an expense and most of uscannot afford. Fortunately, by spending a few hours periodically to carry outscheduled maintenance, you can actually catch roof problems and solve thembefore they spiral out of control.

A few easy tips and you can extend the lifeof your roof.  This can save youthousands in the long run. Below roof care and maintenance tips that will be agreat help in increasing the longevity of your roof and making sure it staysstrong over your home.

How To Maintain Roof

1.Get regular checkups

Keep up-to-date with the condition of yourroof. Make sure that everything is in order. It doesn’t hurt to get aprofessional’s opinion on the matter. Early detection and repair is key to keepyour roof healthy.

2.Keep water off your roof

The most important thing in order tomaintain your roof is to make sure water stays off your roof. Clean yourdrainage system and the pipelines from time to time. Make sure there are noleaks in your roof. If you have a proper system to get rid of the water on yourroof, it will most likely give the roof an extended life.

3.Quality materials

use good quality materials for your roof.When it comes to the matter of your roof, don’t get cost-conscious. If you endup spending money on good quality materials and a good workforce, that willonly help you save money in the long run. Having a good quality roof enablesyou to avoid problems in the future.

4.Proper ventilation

Making sure that your roof has a properventilation system can mean the difference between a strong, long-lasting roofand one that needs replacing every few years. It is one of the most criticalfactors in roof durability, as poor or no ventilation can allow heat andmoisture to cause rafters and sheathing to rot, shingles to buckle, andinsulation to lose energy efficiency and overall effectiveness.

5.Interior check

Making sure your attic’s ventilation is upto standard can also be a good way to keep your roof strong and durable. Youcan also check your roof’s status by checking the panels for any cracks,damage, or deterioration. This will give you a pretty fair idea of whether it’stime for a renewal or patch up for your roof.

6.Stay Off The Roof As Much As Possible

Try not to walk too much on your roof.Usually walking on a roof when the shingles are soft or brittle, depending onthe weather (i.e. summer or winter), can cause the shingles to deterioratesooner or get damaged. Find a time in the day when the weather is mild.

7.Do not wash your roof with pressure water

This causes the shingles to loosen, and theexposure of asphalt to UV rays will shorten the lifespan of the roof. Only aprofessional should use pressure water.

8.Don’t paint the roof

Just because your roof looks old or moldydoesn’t mean you should paint it over. It may be that it is time for a renewal,or the roof just appears this way. No matter what the case, applying paintwears the shingles down and ruins a perfectly good roofing system. Certainly,don’t make any major decisions without a consultation from a professional.

9.Algae and moss removal

Algae and moss are a part of roofhabitation. Don’t use bleach under any circumstances. People do use dilutedbleach and chlorine for such purposes, but that can be a bit harmful, not tomention it leaves a bad odor. The best way to solve the problem is installingzinc strips on the roof. When rain runs off of the zinc, it cleans the algaeoff the shingles.

10.Keep Trees Trimmed

if you have mature trees near your roof, keepthem trimmed regularly specially to those branches which are close to the roof.Branches  over the roof can scratch anddamage your roof.

11.Remove Debris

If something does land on your roof, makesure it gets removed. Moisture can form underneath anything that sits on your rooffor a long period of time. Getting up on your roof isn’t fun, nor is payingsomeone to do so. However, if you need your roof cleared of something, you mayhave to bite the bullet.

12. Hirea professional

Whenever you want to fix up your roof, makesure that you hire a professional. Even if you do your own personal inspection,it is best to second it with a professional’s advice and consultation.

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